VA - N'Joy Music Vol.1 Technodrome (1996) [FLAC]

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1 Firestarter 3:54
2 I Wanna Be A Hippie 3:20
3 Inside Out 3:55
4 Endless Summer 3:50
5 I Kiss Your Lips 3:53
6 Knockin' 4:54
7 Forever Young 3:41
8 Stars 3:39
9 There Is A Star 3:51
10 Back In The UK 5:13

Promotional CD distributed by Greek dairy company FAGE back in 1996 as a series of 3 CDs, to promote the N'JOY chocolate milk. The 3 volumes were named "Technodrome", "Raggamix" and "Pophits".

NOTE: the songs included are cover/bootleg/unofficial editions, and there are no artist credits or discographical information to go with them. It was also released by an obscure label at the time, while other promotions were issues by big-name Greek producers like FM Records or Polygram.


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